Garage Door Springs – Proper Handling and Maintenance

Garage door is heavy and hard-to-understand system, heavy duty springs are used to aid the opening and closing process. These springs are installed under tremendous amount of pressure. Garage door cables and rollers are used to ease the task of lifting and lowering the garage door.

Some safety concerns also exist with torsion springs because of the size and huge tension these parts are subject to. Regular garage door maintenance is needed to make sure these springs will last for several years in good working position. Even if one of the springs gets damaged, the system will not function correctly and need immediate garage door torsion spring installation at this stage. If you don’t feel confident then you need to take professional garage door assistance.

Although certain adjustment of the garage door parts can be done personally, but it is suggested that call professional garage door technician for garage door spring jobs. There are inherent risks involved in the installation and replacement of the springs and garage door technicians would be the right persons to deal with those dangers. People got seriously injured or killed in the efforts of garage door spring replacement on their own. Garage door springs that are improperly adjusted make the opening and closing of the garage door tougher.  Broken springs, frayed cables, damaged rollers, and dented tracks are deadlier as the heavy garage door might abruptly fell down and cause fatal accidents.

Hence, regular inspection and maintenance of garage door and its attached hardware in a cautious manner is recommended. User’s manual is also provided to get instructions about all the major components including springs. These detailed instructions will help you on how to check and maintain the highly tensed parts. It also helps you regarding the mechanism of the system, proper way of lubrication and adjustment of garage door springs.

Make sure that all the moving hardware is tighten properly so that garage door will run freely and smoothly. You should look out for the signs of potential damages and rust to any component. The stability of the garage door tracks is also important as they should not move when garage door opens and closes.

To check the tension of the torsion springs, operate the garage door manually and open it to its halfway. If it remains stable in this position, it means that tension of the spring is perfect. In case, garage door falls suddenly, then the tension of the spring is excessively loose. On the other hand, garage door moves further from the marked position if the tension of the springs is tight.