Safety Concerns While Replacing Overhead Garage Door Springs

There is one garage door repair task that is not recommended to attempt without the assistance of professional garage door technicians. That is a garage door torsion spring replacement job.

Since garage door torsion springs are large metal devices that are loaded with extreme pressure to counterbalance the operations of the garage door. If you don’t have handled them expertly, they could explode and hurt you. People have been seriously injured or killed by broken garage door springs, so you should handle them with care because they are extremely dangerous. If you don’t have the right skills and tools to handle the job, you should hire professional garage door services like, Choice Garage Door Charlotte in order to save your life and property.

There are two basic types of springs that are used on the overhead garage doors. They are torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are the common and latest type which is a fast-growing trend. There will be two of them and you will find them placed on a metal shaft right above the garage door opening. Remember, if one of the springs has already broken, you will have to replace both of them because the other one will follow it shortly. It will save you both money and time to change them both at the same time. If your garage door runs on extension springs, they will also be two of them. You will find them on each side of the garage door. They are quite easy and safe to handle as compare to torsion springs.  

Another safety rule for maintaining and repairing garage door springs is to keep in mind that the garage door is really a weighted and bulky item. On average, a heavy-duty garage door model can weigh up to 500 pounds.

Furthermore, the torsion springs are used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door while the opening and closing process of the garage door is placed under several pounds of pressure when they let the garage door drop. Extension springs are safer to install than torsion springs. They do not expand or contract when the garage door goes up and down. Torsion springs are always recommended for heavy-duty garage doors because they operate the garage door more smoothly and safely. 

It is never worth a human life to handle the dangerous job of garage door torsion springs without having proper skills and tools. If you have any doubt about your skills and abilities, consult a professional garage door technician who has been qualified and trained in the field to safely handle the job.