Install Traditional Carriage Garage Doors in Your New Home

Carriage garage doors are very famous in residential construction. Before the invention of overhead garage doors, almost every garage door was similar to the classic carriage garage doors.

Basically, these types of garage doors are designed to hang on hinges placed on both sides of the garage opening. The carriage garage door is built in one section and swing together to make the garage door open or close. Although this type of garage door has been installed and used for more than a thousand years it is associated with lots of dangers and problems. Visit here to get more information about buying, installing, and operating the carriage garage door.

Traditional carriage garage doors are not really good to keep outside elements out of your structure. In addition to this, it is very hard to make the garage door secured from an outside force.

After the invention of overhead garage doors, the use of traditional carriage garage doors is ended. But their designs and architectural appearance is always attractive and appealing to the eye. There are plenty of reputed garage door manufacturers which use the stylish and appearance of the carriage garage door in the creation of overhead garage door to give traditional look to your home but with all the advantages and convenience of modern garage doors. 

Several garage door manufacturers are specialized for establishing the look of traditional carriage garage door keeping in mind the standard garage doors format. Reputed manufacturers also use standard rolling panel construction technology which is used carriage garage door pattern in the creation of garage doors.

Using modern technology and material especially steel in the creation of garage door will make the garage doors durable, solid, and secured. The use of solid one piece in the construction of the overhead garage door will give them authentic appurtenance. Older garage doors had been designed to open outward at the bottom which rotates in the upward direction of a solid door. This technique of construction works well in the creation of wooden overhead garage doors.

The top manufacturers also offer wood finished carriage garage doors. The application of veneer plywood over the standard metal construction provides you both the attractive look of wood and features of modern garage doors. These garage doors come with insulation features with a high R-value insulation factor. Famous choices for wood overhead garage doors are cedar, redwood, and hemlock. But the drawback is that the wood garage door needs far more inspection, care, and maintenance.

Traditional carriage garage doors are also available for homeowners who really want to add a real classical look to their buildings. They are really experts for the creation of custom wood garage doors using attention-grabbing designs. They are designed to be operated manually or using an electric garage door opener for automatic operations. Due to the sensitivity of material carriage wood garage doors need adjustment and maintenance on a regular basis. Like other wooden garage doors, they look pretty offering a great accent appeal to your home.

Carriage wood garage doors offer an attractive touch to any building. Nowadays, the market is full of many eye-appealing designs available on many manufacturers’ websites. The estimated cost of the carriage garage door will range from $800 to $3000 depends on the standard of construction used in the creation of the garage door.  It is really worthy to spend enough time to search around before buying a carriage garage door. It is wise to choose a cost-effective option.