Garage Door Springs – A Few Things to Consider

If you have a roll-up garage door then there is the possibility that it won’t have any type of springs on it. However if you have installed a sectional flip-up garage door, it would come with springs placed on both sides. These springs are installed to counterbalance the weight of the garage door when it goes up and down. Trust me or not, these springs are extremely dangerous which will give you serious injuries if you are around while they are stretched out. You can get more information about garage door service here.

Garage door springs are dangerous: Unless you are really aware of what you are doing, you should never conduct the task of removing, adjusting, or installing the stretched-out springs. There are a lot of cases of injuries to individuals that are reported every year due to broken or busted garage door springs, so you should be careful.

Inspect the garage door springs thoroughly: How can you determine that your garage door springs are not functioning smoothly and correctly? The first step that you can perform is to visually inspect the garage door to see if anything is amiss. If there are missing screws and bolts, the springs should be hanging loose. It should be fixed to bring back in order.

Test the garage door: Garage door springs need to be adjusted properly to provide the exact amount of tension that is needed for proper garage door functioning. It means that your next test in the garage door repair project should be open and close the garage door.

The garage door opens halfway: The garage door should open and close smoothly. It does not need too much force to open the garage door. Also, you need to check that the garage door springs adjusted properly and working smoothly, open the garage door to its halfway, and leave it there to observe its movements.

Too tight or too loose garage door springs: The next test to check the performance of the garage door should be checking the closing pattern. A properly adjusted garage door should close smoothly and not slam down speedily. In case, it goes down too hard, it means that springs are too tight. In case, the garage door is hard to open and doesn’t stay halfway up, it means that garage door springs need to be adjusted a little lighter.

Overall, garage door springs are dangerous to handle if you don’t have the right skills and tools to handle them. They can hurt or even kill you. It is recommended that hire a garage door expert to handle the garage door spring project.